After a dignified goodbye,
Harrisburg City Police K-9
surrendered to his pain from
Line of Duty Shooting
Mike & Wodan at City Island Harrisburg, PA
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To email Ofcr Lamonto
To email Ofcr Lamonto

Wodan is a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois. He has been my partner for over 2 1/2 years. In the early hours of 2/10/01, he was shot 4 times by a criminal attempting to avoid arrest. Wodan's bravery saved my life and the lives of all the officers in the area as he kept the perpetrator busy even after being shot several times. This gave a fellow officer and I time to return fire as the perpetrator was firing at me. The perpetrator was hit and subsequently taken into custody. Wodan sustained gunshot wounds to his right front leg, left front leg, and back. The injuries were life threatening and Wodan was rushed to the Willow Mill Emergency Veterinary Clinic where the heroic work of Dr. James Lee saved his life. The injury to Wodan's left leg was most grave and there was great concern that it might have to be amputated to save Wodan's life.

The Harrisburg Police Department, Chief Charles Kellar, and the City of Harrisburg, Mayor Stephen Reed, have been the driving force behind Wodan's recovery. Chief Kellar has repeatedly told me the City will cover all the medical expenses and he and the Mayor organized Wodan's transfer via the Pennsylvania State Police to the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia to ensure he received the best care and has the best chance possible for a full recovery.

The skilled and compassionate care of Dr. Jeff Christiansen and all the staff and students at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, has given Wodan the best chance of keeping his left leg. As of this writing Wodan is living at home with my family and I and he is receiving continuing care coordinated through Dr. Christiansen at the Veterinary Hospital and Wodan's regular doctor, Dr. Deborah Keim at the Capitol Area Animal Medical Center. The bills for Wodan's treatment and continuing care are astronomical, and continue to grow. 

The city initiated a voluntary donation program to assist in defraying the mounting medical bills for Wodan's care. The response to which still leaves me in awe! At this time we have received enough funds to pay for Wodan's care to this point and look to have sufficient funds to pay for his continuing care. I cannot thank the people of this community, the state, and entire country enough for giving my partner the best chance possible for a complete recovery.

Wodan is a true hero and he did save my life that morning. I will continue to do all I can for him. It is my hope and prayer that he may someday return to work with me, but if that is not possible, I will retire him to my home and continue to provide the best care for him that I am able. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Wodan's speedy recovery.
                                                                                               Officer Michael Lamonto

Wodan Public Appearance Wodan Public Aappearance

December 07, 2003
Wodan and one of his many knew friends at the Zembo Christmas Party

December 07, 2003
Wodan and Mike at Zembo Christmas Party
Mike & Wodan at City Island Harrisburg, PA
Mike & Wodan at City Island Harrisburg, PA

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